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Message from the EST

Summer, 2019

As I pause my busy schedule to reflect on the Florida Carpenters Regional Council’s current status, I must first acknowledge the importance of our dedicated, competent, and highly professional Council Staff, and their contributions to bring the FLCRC back to prosperity and dignity.

We have a very small staff compared to most of the other UBC Regional Councils, but we make up for it by multi-tasking and with solid teamwork, every day.

Our area managers, service representatives, trainers, and office personnel share a common goal: Coordinate their time and efforts to be sure the FLCRC membership and their families’ security remain the focus of every decision we make.

I take a lot of pride in reporting we never have, and never will, waver from that goal!

Expanding Work Opportunities

The Council continues to explore new avenues of work opportunities for our members, including new emerging markets such as the solar farms, which are being constructed throughout the state of Florida.

As of July 2019, we have supplied manpower on six solar projects and contributed 558,544 man-hours for our members since 2018.

We will continue to chase every work opportunity we know of to secure our future while continuing to service and support our existing signatory employers.

James Banks

Building Member Leaders

The FLCRC also supports the UBC’s effort to educate and upgrade our Journeymen members’ skills and professional development by strong participation in the “UBC Journeymen Leadership Program” held annually at the International Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nearly 200 of our Journeymen Leaders have completed this program and have begun using the training they received there to assist the Council in its goal of attaining 70% market share in Florida.

The Florida Carpenters Regional Council has also developed a follow-up Program for these returning Journeymen called “Hammer It Home” that has been very successful in reinforcing the lessons learned at the ITC and it is also off to a very successful start.

James Banks

Protecting Our Investments

I am very pleased to report that all of our fringe benefit trust funds are solvent and well-managed for the members and their families.

I conclude this message by speaking specifically to every FLCRC member: I pledge to each of you that I will continue to wake up every day with one goal — to make sure our staff performs their duties professionally and with respect for each of you and that we always go beyond the call of duty to support each other as a true Brotherhood.

Yours in Solidarity
James Banks
Executive Secretary-Treasurer

James Banks

“The UBC’s goal is to achieve 70% market share. We take that challenge seriously and are striving to meet and exceed that mark everyday.”