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For Members

Members are the heartbeat of everything we do here at the Florida Regional Council of Carpenters. When you deliver productive, safe work and conduct yourselves as the professionals that you are, you are paying off on promises made to our contractors and their customers every day. We tell them that by placing a union carpenter on their project, they will receive superior results.

From pile driving in downtown Miami and scaffolding in Tampa Bay, to interior systems work in Jacksonsville, our members display technical and leadership skills that are second-to-none.

I encourage you to get involved with your Local. Take training or refresher courses whenever you are able. Volunteer. Recruit. Set an example. The amount of effort we all put into this Council will return positive benefits to us, both in the near and long term.

As the construction industry evolves, the contractors who are able staff projects with competent workers – those who are skilled and have a good attitude – will continue to be an asset to project owners, and that means more work opportunities for us.

Solving our region’s skilled manpower shortage rests within our Council. Are we ready to lead the industry? I believe we are. And I’ve witnessed contractors and project owners noticing the quality work they consistently get from Florida carpenters.

UBC General President Doug McCarron once said that, “at the core of the UBC is the tenacity of its members to be the best.” I believe Florida carpenters carry that determination to work with them every day, and it’s making a difference.

Thank you and keep up the great work!

Yours in Solidarity,
– EST James Banks

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