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Welcome to the Florida Carpenters Regional Council!

By clicking on the MEMBER APPLICATION button, you are starting the process of becoming a journeyman member of the Florida Carpenters Regional Council. If you are applying to become an apprentice, be sure to complete that specific application as well by clicking here: https://www.flcrc.org/apply-now/

Member Application

You’ve made an outstanding career decision that will lay the foundation for a great quality of life!

As a professional union carpenter, you will earn a competitive wage and collect excellent health and welfare benefits, including a retirement plan.

To ensure you are paid fairly, your wages, benefits, and overtime pay are negotiated and set before the job starts so you know what you will earn for your work.

You’ll also get regular raises as an apprentice, usually every six months, if you apply yourself until you reach journeyman status after graduating from your apprenticeship.

You’ll also get free, ongoing training to climb the career ladder to foreman, general foreman, and superintendent.

Great Wages. Job Security. Respect. It’s now all yours for the taking!

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